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Scissor Charm Bracelets / Cuffs


Scissor Charm Bracelets / Cuffs

• The Scissor Charm Bracelet is the fashionable jewelry accessory for any hair stylist
• Bracelet is made out of real scissor handles
• Beautiful engravings and carvings make it a truly unique scissor bracelet
• Comes with your choice of 2 charms (16 charms to choose from: red ruby, black onyx, clear diamond, emerald green, amethyst purple, pink sapphire, blue topaz, skull, ladybug, frog, pink cancer ribbon, starfish)
• 4 NEW Charms - Red Lips, Purple Butterfly, Silver Screw, & Dog Charm
• 4 colored scissor finger inserts of your choice are included (14 colors to choose from)
• Sizes: small and large, bracelet can be custom fitted to your wrist or arm
• Can be worn as a bracelet or cuff
• An excellent gift for hair stylists

• Due to the level of customization, please contact us after you place your order.

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