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Rent To Own

RTO provides you with an opportunity to experience a higher quality pair of shears that you may not have previously considered to purchase . With the economy traveling in the direction it is today, some stylists and salons have set themselves a strict budget and cost may be a factor. RTO eliminates the worry of upfront costs. With payment plans, you can have the shears you really would like to purchase without the concern of emptying out your wallet.
Click here to download the RTO Form.

Knife Exchange

Why are you still using those dull knives? Why not let SHARPENit provide you with professional, consistently sharpened knives as often as you like. Our most common packages are a weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly exchange. Contact us to find out how we can serve you.
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The highlight of SHARPENit, is its sharpening services! Mobile, on the go, ready at your business when you need it. SHARPENit can sharpen your blades, buzzers, shears, clippers and razors. The price is factored upon the amount and value of your products needing to be sharpened. Contact us today for rates and which equipment you are seeking to be sharpened. Remember: If it doesn’t cut, SHARPENit.

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